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Customized Connected Home Solutions

Today, there is so much more to home security. One Way Electric’s residential systems add more value than ever before. Automation enhances your day to day activity…

  • Interactive Security allows you to lock doors and shut the garage directly from your phone.
  • Remote access control with a touch of a button from your phone.
  • Live Video Monitoring allows you to see your home from anywhere, in real time!
  • Turn the air down for your pets with Energy Management. Even save money with GPS thermostat climate control, your home will intelligently set your climate to the perfect temperature when you are close to home and save you money while conserving energy when you leave for work.
  • Turn those lights on and off with Home Automation at your fingertips even when you are not home
  • Wellness Alerts allows you to monitor activity and even integrate emergency response pendants.

Smarter Home Security


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*36 month monitoring contract required.  Termination fee applies.

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Small Business
  • Security Systems

We can help with ALL of your Security Needs:

  • Smart Lighting
  • Cameras
  • Door Locks
  • Thermostat
  • Did I leave the garage door open when I left today?

  • What time did my teenager get home?

  • Did I lock the front door?

  • Did the kids turn off the lights?

Eliminate your worries and stress by setting your own alerts and reminders

Security at Your Fingertips