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Solar Systems 

One Way Electric is not just any solar company. We do not spit out “cookie-cutter” solar systems. Every project is designed to fit the homeowner’s needs and expectations. You will not talk to a salesman, you will speak with our solar expert, who will explain the benefits of solar on a case to case basis and be able to empower  the homeowner for an educated decision. Solar is not our job, it is our passion. Designing and installing quality solar systems is our business and creating self-awareness for a more sustainable future is our goal.

With the American economy woes, electricity rates are steadily rising. It is time to save money where we can.

Solar Hot Water

Solar Hot Water collectors harness up to 60% of the sun’s energy. This is a much greater usage of the sun’s energy than photovoltaics because it is a simple heat transfer from the sun, to copper coils, and finally to the hot water. Solar hot water (SHW) is not as sensitive to shade as PV, but the angle at which the collectors are tilted still play a role in heat production. A single hot water system is the equivalent to 3.5kW of solar PV and is about a third of the cost. If a homeowner is looking into renewable energy, solar hot water is a “no brainer” if you currently have an electric water heater.

Energy Conservation before Energy Creation

We believe conservation of energy is equally as important as creation of energy. For this reason, One Way Electric will look at inexpensive ways to lower one’s electric bills before sizing a system. This can be simply changing out standard incandescent light bulbs to compact fluorescents (CFL’s) or LED's and looking at the age and efficiency of major appliances (refrigerator, dryer, washer, hot water heater, AC unit, etc.)
Conservation can also come from having your house “buttoned-up”, or in the industry we call this a “closed envelope”. This can be achieved by changing single-paned windows to double-paned and making sure that walls and roofs are properly insulated. This can also greatly affect the air quality in your home.
Another investment can include overhangs on windows that have Southern exposure, or even planting a tree by your home for natural shade. By investing in energy conservation a homeowner will find that solar energy will make more sense financially. If you are conserving power, you will not have to create as much.​

Rebates and Tax Credits

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Solar Electricity/Photovoltaics

Solar electric power is an alternative energy source that is cleaner, more reliable, longer lasting, and environmentally safer than nuclear and fossil fuels. Photovoltaics (PV) use between 15-20% of the sun’s energy and are sensitive to shading factors, so it is important to have no shade in the area in which the modules will be placed. Solar modules can be roof mounted or ground mounted, depending on site specifics. Electricity has two types of currents, DC (direct current) and AC (alternating current). In our homes we use AC power; however, the solar modules create DC power. For this reason we use an inverter, which takes the DC power from the solar modules and changes it to AC power, which we can then use in our homes.